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Utilizing Makerspace in Your School Library

You’re more than likely familiar with the term Makerspace. This concept of a communal creative space is fast gaining in momentum, and the library is right at the heart of it.

So what’s behind the makerspace project?

Although the term’s familiar, it’s not immediately clear what it means. Makerspaces are spaces dedicated to hands-on activity, creating actual products. So makerspace activities will involve all kinds of materials and equipment, like cardboard and tape to design and make models, or computers and cameras to produce films or podcasts.

The idea behind all of this is to boost students’ creative thinking and problem solving, to become innovators. It’s a big deal in the education world, increasingly so.

So where does the school library come in?

Apart from making the physical space available for use as makerspace, the library is key to providing the resources to fuel all this creative thinking.

Let’s take some simple examples. Students are set the task of finding 10 things to make with a cardboard box – maybe simple, but a really fun and creative project. Or, building and racing magnetic cars. Producing a short animated film using Lego. Apart from some really productive collaborative efforts, what students also need here is resources to consult and help them expand their thinking. And that’s where school library subscriptions come in.

Looking through your favorite titles in your school library, you might find 3D World, How it Works, Popular Mechanics, or Woodsmith Magazine, and many more. There are a huge number of magazines available, all of which would provide no end of useful ideas in carrying out and fine tuning these projects.

How do I find out what resources are available?

WT Cox has created a list of Makerspace titles available. Not only that, we’re also able to offer RB Digital magazines amongst your school library subscriptions.

For younger children too, there’s all sorts of inspiration in subscriptions including Arts & Activities, Brainspace Magazine, Science & Children, and many others.

Click here to view a full list of top titles and resources available from WT Cox to help you build your collections.  

If you want to learn more about makerspaces and how your library fits in, there are many websites out there dedicated to makerspace resources. They’ll also help you figure out what you might need including school library subscriptions. You can find out more at or the OEDb’s Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces, to name but a few.

Last but not least

Right at the core of the makerspace movement is the importance of students learning how to draw on information in order to get creative and solve problems. And to do that, they need plenty of resources.

There are so many useful titles available for your library. It makes sense to incorporate these makerspace titles in your personalized pricing when building your school library subscriptions quote from us. Just contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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